Rawlings Softball Uniform Customizer

Softball Uniform customizer1
Focus: 3d Leading
Client: Orange LV
Year: 2018-2020
Rawlings, one of the leading softball equipment companies, had a highly successful interactive online customizer that lets visitors view in 3d space, configure, and order the custom uniforms. Armands was solo contracted as a new lead of all customizer assets.

A compelling visual representation of the actual jerseys and pants is achieved firstly by creating 3d models built using real-world cloth properties that simulate realistic fabric creases and folds.
Softball Uniform customizer2

Softball Uniform customizer3
Beautiful visualizations of more than 90 fully configurable garment style selections make the custom tool a true stand-out in the digital marketplace.

All tones in the customizer are color-matched to several real wold palettes up to 39 tones big. The almost limitless combinations ensure that users spend a much longer time interacting with the tool compared to other sites.
Softball Uniform customizer4

Consisting of a team and player names and numbers that are customizable by all the color palettes, up to 15 different fonts, and 10+ placement locations, the decorations create a massive initiative for the users to keep looking for their perfect design and simultaneously make sure that customers get the experience free of the buyer's remorse due to seeing the exact look of their uniform first.

20 modifiable pattern designs for most design styles along with the extensive solid color choices generate looks that immediately catch visitors' interest.
Softball Uniform customizer6

Softball Uniform customizer7
A custom logo upload feature combined with a 260+ stock logo collection allows for true personalization and elegantly inspires the visitors to share their creations online with friends.

The adherence to the legacy 3d workflow preserves visual similarity with the previous garments, while gradual upgrades of details like folding, pockets, stitching, and seam visualizations boost conversion rates and purchase value even further.
Softball Uniform customizer8