Rawlings Helmet Builder

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Focus: 3d Leading
Client: Orange LV
Year: 2019-2020
The goal was to develop a new engaging way to make available online custom on-demand manufacturing possibilities for helmets of Rawlings, one of the biggest baseball equipment companies in the US. The cornerstone of the task was entrusted to Armands as a solo contractor of 3d pipeline creation and all asset development.

The best way to satisfy the public's demand for access to product customization while easily holding their attention and achieving a considerable conversion rate boost is by using 3d online configurators because they enable visitors to view, interact and customize the helmets exactly to their liking in fully three-dimensional space.
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One of the reasons why particularly 3d configurators work so elegantly is the almost primal human attraction to real objects with real details. All the project's 3d models were built by perfecting every object's measurement and copying all the characteristic contours and shapes.

The helmets' visual representation was enhanced further by realistic material shaders. It was clear that this project needs correct physically based rendering (PBR) shaders; they remain consistent looking no matter what lighting is used and give perfect visuals for everything from the clear coated to matte to even metallic particle covered surfaces.

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The next key component for this effort was a precise 17 style design texture renditions. In tandem with material shaders, they stimulate visitors' imagination of their soon-to-be purchase and excite them to share their creations via easily accessible social media links potentially boosting organic promotion.

When 24 color-matched tone palettes are added to the selections, thousands of customization variations to explore open up for customers. These endless possibilities can generate a severalfold increase in the total time of interaction compared to common product sites.
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Additionally, helmets had captivating supporting details added like three different types of fully configurable face guards, four padding variations, stickers, logos, bolts. This level of realism makes the product configurator truly a standout among conventional photos, videos, and other configuration tools.