Rawlings Football Uniform Customizer

Football Uniform customizer1
Focus: 3d Leading
Client: Orange LV
Year: 2018-2020
The goal was to continue the successful 3d custom on-demand manufacturing web tool for football uniforms. The customizer was Rawlings, one of the top football equipment companies, way to enable visitors to preview in 3d, customize and order the uniforms. Armands was solo contracted as the next lead of all assets.

All the 3d models have realistic fabric tension folds because they were based on simulations with real physical properties. The natural shapes of the models are one of the main causes of that immediate wow factor exciting the users.
Football Uniform customizer2

Football Uniform customizer3
When using configurators, customers are usually interested first in uniform styling and then color customizations. So perfect visualization of more than 85 unique modifiable uniform styles considerably drives up conversion rates and purchase values.

With up to 39 tones big palettes, clients have countless color combination possibilities. Every tone is matched to the real-world color codes ensuring that the customers get the garment just how they expected it.
Football Uniform customizer4

Football Uniform customizer5
Throughout the builder, the initiative for the visitors to keep on exploring is created also by decorations like team names, player names, and numbers that are fully configurable by all the palettes, up to 15 unique fonts, and 10 placement locations. This in turn results in considerably longer interaction times with the product compared to average online shops.

Most of the design styles have fabric parts with additional 20 configurable pattern designs in addition to the extensive solid color options. All these custom choices are of course fully visualized in the tool giving a very precise depiction of the product.
Football Uniform customizer6

Football Uniform customizer7
Even further differentiation in the virtual marketplace among competitors is the very large 260+ stock logo library and the option to upload and render users' own logos.

There was also a path to gradually improve the garment looks by using better visualizations of foldings, pockets, stitchings, and seams, which also subtly inspires the audience to share their custom creations online with friends while still maintaining a visual continuity with older models.
Football Uniform customizer8