Rawlings Baseball Uniform Customizer

Baseball Uniform customizer1
Focus: 3d Leading
Client: Orange LV
Year: 2018-2020
The focus was to carry on with the highly successful 3d online custom on-demand manufacturing tool for baseball uniforms of Rawlings, one of the leading baseball equipment companies. The tool enables visitors to configure, preview in 3d, and order the items. Armands was solo contracted as a lead of assets.

There isn’t much that makes a visualization ''pop out'' more than 3d models' overall shapes, fabric tension folds, creases, and wrinkles, all created using simulation of real cloth physical properties.
Baseball Uniform customizer2

Baseball Uniform customizer3
More than just perfect visualization of the shapes, the uniforms have almost 120 individual garment styles, each completely configurable, that create a lasting engagement with the viewers.

Testing shows that precise and extensive customization options can drive up conversion rates and purchase value, which is why the customizer has different color palettes up to 39 tones big, and all color-matched to the real-world samples.
Baseball Uniform customizer4

Baseball Uniform customizer5
The jerseys have decorations like player and team names and numbers that are fully customizable by all the color palettes, up to 15 different fonts, and more than 10 placement locations, resulting in the complete visual representation of the actual garments.

Along with the extensive solid tone options, the 20 customizable pattern designs allow to precisely depict all uniform variations, which casually motivates the customers to share their exact creations online with friends.
Baseball Uniform customizer6

Baseball Uniform customizer7
The stock library containing more than 260 logos and the custom logo upload option are providing customers with a straightforward experience and bringing on their positive reviews since it is clear how the clothing will look with all the details in place before the order.

It made sense to gradually improve visualizations of pockets, stitchings, seams, and foldings because this approach not only maintains a visual congruity among clothing designs but also provides heightened realism which considerably increases the users' interaction length with the configurator compared to other sites and platforms.
Baseball Uniform customizer8