Rawlings Baseball Glove Builder

Baseball Glove1
Focus: Managing QA Process
Client: Orange LV
Year: 2018-2020
The objective was to improve the quality for the very successful on-demand manufacturing configurator of Rawlings baseball gloves, one of the top baseball brands. The builder enables visitors to customize, view, and order the item online. Armands was solo contracted as a quality assurance lead.

Unlike some of the more common tools, Rawlings glove builder has countless special photo layers for each of 85 different models with thousands of possible combinations. So all the layers had to be checked for perfect overlaying, which ensures the quality and stimulates visitors to spend considerably longer time experimenting with the products compared to other sites.
Baseball Glove2

Baseball Glove3
With almost endless customizable photo elements like stitches, stamps, flags, numbers, and material textures, they all had to warp and conform to the perspective and angles of the gloves' base photos. When the images are looking in this way natural and perfectly believable, they stand out well among other similar tools.

What creates a reliable visual representation of a product is the consistent photo post-processing results. With a lot of special photo layers constructed for dynamic changes like stamp indentions, metallic finish recreations, element shadows, textures, it was crucial to efficiently check the consistency of those post-processing adjustments.
Baseball Glove4

Baseball Glove5
All the photo layers including shells, webs, laces, knots, welting and even small stitching cut-out contours create a correct and realistic look for the whole item when done precisely, and as a side effect engage visitors so that they want to share the beautiful images of their custom glove with other. It was vital to find the best path to check the contour cutting accuracy.

It is much easier to earn customers positive feedback when confirming that things match the real life perfectly. Parts like 60 flags, 21 patches, distinct metallic materials, fonts, and stamps had to be error-proofed for resolution, formatting, or dynamic update issues.
Baseball Glove6

Baseball Glove7
All three product views were carefully compared and matched to avoid any visual differences. For the occasions when the users are on the fence about the purchase, the ability to test the customized item from different viewpoints reliably helps to turn visitors into clients and can increase the purchase value.

Often when people rave about impressive product presentations, they are essentially describing colorful yet believable imagery. So it was a priority to test if each element react to dynamic 50 tone palette changes as expected.
Baseball Glove8